Meet a Character: Orion

Meet a Character Episode 2: Orion

Unlike last time where I spoke about Cray, Orion would like to tell you about himself. Something about him not wanting me to get anything wrong or “mix up his words.” He’s picky like that. So, without further ado, I introduce Orion:

“Warmest of greetings to you. As stated, my name is Orion. I cannot imagine how anything like this would be of interest to strangers, but I suppose some people find entertainment with such things. I will keep this short and simple, as there is entirely too much to speak of if I start from the beginning.

“Though I would say I am from Earth, I was not born there. I left my home planet when I was an adolescent to dedicate my life to an organization founded to keep complex lifeforms safe. I have spent a vast majority of my time observing and interacting with humans; I am regretful to say that I do not care for most of them. The human race tends to fall back to violence and hatred much too quickly, and their ignorance can be nauseating at best. Nevertheless, I was given the extraordinary opportunity to meet several human inventors, artists, and leaders, many of which were decades ahead of their time. I find great joy in seeing their spirit live on, not only in the work they accomplished before their passing, but in my own morals they instilled in me.

“My general interests are irrelevant. I have lived a very long and eventful life, and my interests change drastically year to year, decade to decade, and century to century. My only interest is that in which provides knowledge to myself and others. As I have tasted food from thousands of different cultures, I could not possibly narrow down my favorites. I have no favorites in terms of TV shows, films, or video games, though I do find all three pastimes to be equally entertaining. I do, however, have preference in music. My favorite classical composer is Vivaldi, and my favorite modern artist is Heilung. Heilung reminds me much of what my home planet’s music was like; you can accuse me of being nostalgic. Mary Youngblood also holds a very dear place in my heart, as she will always.

“I am now being forced to answer questions, ones that Cray was asked as well. I haven’t read his responses, but I will take the initiative and apologize for any stupidity he may have come up with.

“‘What makes me hurt? Who has wounded my soul?’

“Blind ignorance is aggravating, but blind faith has the potential to kill. Good-hearted individuals spread hate under the ethics of idols. It’s the good that have hurt me, those who attempt to be moral, yet don’t think actions through. Turn to your friends, family, and leaders for guidance, but learn from those you do not inherently agree with. Judge yourself for your actions. If your knowledge grows but you stay the same, you are less intelligent than when you began.

“‘Do I want revenge or redemption?’

“My revenge is being kind and respectful, even to people who don’t deserve it.

“‘What makes me happy?’

“I cannot rely on things or people to make me happy. My happiness is dependent on me, and me alone. I choose to find happiness in everything, whether that be the birds singing their symphonies, the mountains displaying their glory, or rain washing away my transgressions.

“‘Who do I love? Do they love me as deeply and passionately?’

“To avoid spoilers, I will not answer this question directly. However, I will say that there are dozens, perhaps hundreds of people I have loved dearly. Whether it be in a familial sense or romantic, I still love them all. Most have passed, but their reciprocated love for me is etched into my very being.

“‘What would I rather be doing?’

“Researching, preferably with a glass of high-quality Absinthe.

“‘Who do I see in the mirror?’

“Myself. Nothing philosophical about it. The body is nothing but a vessel for the soul.

“‘What would I sell on Shark Tank?’

“I would greatly enjoy seeing more of Nikola Tesla’s work become reality. Unfortunately, that is extremely illegal when it comes to my ‘place of employment.’

“Thank you for finding me interesting enough to give me part of your day. Apparently, I will take any questions you have. Please, make them worthwhile.”

Music: Laid Back Guitars by Kevin MacLeod


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