Google Sheets Cheat Sheet

Cheat Sheet for Google Sheets

  1. Cell – To edit it, simply click on it.
  2. Row – Click on a number on the left hand side to edit the whole row. You can resize a height of a row by clicking and dragging the top and bottom borders of the numbered cells on the left of the sheet.
  3. Column – Click on a letters on the top to edit a whole column. You can resize the width of a column by clicking and dragging the side borders of the lettered cells on the top of the sheet.
  4. Click and drag these lines to freeze rows or columns. Freezing means that the row or column will not move when you scroll. Usually, I freeze my first row (row number 1), which includes titles. If you drag the bar directly under “1”, it will freeze row 1, which is what I will be doing.
  5. The function bar. You won’t use it much in this lesson, but there is one function I will be giving you that will link a sheet to another sheet to keep organized.
  6. Edit text color
  7. Edit background color of cells (or rows, or columns)
  8. Add various borders to cells, columns, or rows.
  9. Merge cells together. Shift-Click on the cells you want to merge and then press this button. You have the option to only merge vertically or horizontally too.
  10. Align text left, center, or right in selected cells.
  11. Align text top, center, or bottom selected in cells.
  12. Text wrapping. “Overflow” will allow text in a cell to overflow into the one beside it (ONLY if the neighbor cell is empty, otherwise, it will cut the text off). “Wrap” will force the cell to grow vertically to make the whole text visible. “Clip” will cut any text off that overflows the cell.

To edit the cells of the entire sheet, click the empty box right here, and it will select the whole sheet:

Insert Tab

13. Insert cells, rows, or columns.
14. Insert image
15. Insert hyperlink to an outside URL.
16. Replace the cell with a checkbox that will act as either “TRUE” or “FALSE”
17. Insert a comment or note on a cell
18. Add a new sub-sheet to your main sheet

Bottom of Sheet

18. Add a new sub-sheet to your main sheet
19. Rename the sub-sheet
20. Recolor the sub-sheet tab