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So much of my inspiration for art stems from my childhood. As a child, I grew up around an abundance of admirable people that fed my creativity to become what it is today. My family has provided extraordinary support for the arts over the course of my life that pursuing my fascination in art comes naturally. My grandparents, at a young age, began their business of the Simpich Character Doll Shop ( in Old Colorado City, Colorado Springs. Their ingenuity and skill of character design and modeling helped them create the beautiful sculptures that kept their business running for decades. Not only do I wish to carry on their legacy and pursue the gift of imagination and capability they passed on to me, but I also feel obligated to push the limits of their ambitions into the developing technology we see today.

As I grew, so did my eye for nature. Being raised in Colorado Springs for most of my life at the foot of Pike’s Peak, I came to the realization that nature does not simply have one face, but rather an immeasurable amount of masks filled with emotion and personality on its own. Every day is a new experience, a new beauty to witness. I was given the chance to visit overseas, to Sweden, Spain, and Italy to take in the different cultures and artistry of the counties. As I begin to delve more into environmental art, I hope to portray what this magnificent world has to offer, as well as fall in love with different cultures while doing so.

My appreciation for character design came from when I was very young, when my brothers included me in interactive stories, much like Dungeons and Dragons. Even as a child, I was set with the challenge of constructing characters, and it was my responsibility to conceive a convincing and interesting backstory and personality. In the years following, I was given the chance to start roleplaying with friends and family online, and thus my desire for story telling progressed. Wanting to further delve myself into my own imagination, I began writing, but I found myself craving visual depictions. It frustrated me that I could not find, in natural photography, exactly what my mind envisioned.

Roleplaying (which you can read more about in my blog) gives endless encouragement and impact on my images. Nearly all of my work has some sort of influence from the stories that have been told through roleplaying. It has offered me the challenge to see characters as much more than just characters, but people on their own adventure, no matter how insignificant to overall story they may be. Everyone has a tale to tell, and when designing characters through 3D modeling, drawing, or the like, it is important to me to reveal part of their story through their appearance, not just by the clothes they wear, but the way the light hits their eyes and the unique expression of their smile.

By creating these visions with my own hands, I can not only quench my thirst for out-of-this-world photography but I can also meet the characters that I have created and grown up with. My mission with my artwork is to show small chunks of my mind in an overall bigger picture, and my goal is to create crisp, realistic, and captivating projects that tell a story all on its own.

Most of my work is in commissioned designs. If you are interested in learning more about the kinds of commissions I do, you read about them here.