I’ve been using these past few weeks to (re-)learn the basics. I never took a drawing course in college (it was replaced with math and physics instead), and I knew that spending some time refreshing myself with what I already knew (and learning things I didn’t) would be very helpful in the long run. These were the last two projects of the course I decided to take. If any of you are interested in learning how to draw, Brent Eviston has a wonderful 8-week class (5 lessons a week, all about 15 mins long) on Skillshare. I’m not sponsored at all; it’s just a great class! He covers everything from making simple circles to stylized lines to perspective to form to shading. Next is his course in figure drawing, so expect to see a couple sketches from that class soon!

The wheels aren’t perfect, but this was meant to be just a quick sketch.

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