10 Writing and 10 Roleplay Tips for Beginners

10 Advice Points for New Writers:

  1. Don’t worry about what not to do. You’ll see advice every where. Don’t look at it. Write what YOU want to write and fix stuff LATER. 
    1. ”Amateur” things to avoid can absolutely be good if they are written correctly. 
    2. Would you call a professional an amateur if they used an amateur trope? No! The audacity! DO WHAT YOU WANT! ❤ If it needs to be changed later, you always have that option. While you’re writing a first draft, do what feels most natural for you and the story.
  2. You will NOT please everyone. Go into the process realizing that it is impossible to please everyone and there is no point in attempting to write something that is for everyone. 
  3. There are no rules. “Would werewolves do this? Would magic work like this?” You make the rules. You are the creator of your world. Own it with confidence. 
  4. THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX. Do not copy! Take inspiration, but don’t copy. Add something that represents you.
  5. Don’t limit yourself to just one genre. Don’t feel like you have to write just romance. It’s okay to write everything. You are the only one holding yourself back. 
  6. Be consistent. Characters, lore, plot, everything.
  7. Take notes for yourself to reference in the future. Making a database for your information will help you SO much!
  8. Gain a hard skin. People will be blunt with you and it will hurt. People are more likely to leave negative reviews than positive reviews.
  9. There is nothing wrong with writing fanfiction. Any writing will help you grow in your skill.
  10. Don’t let people say your work is inferior just because it isn’t published.

10 Advice Points of New Roleplayers:

  1. If you are just starting out, I recommend just having one character until you feel comfortable with rping. Work your way to multiple characters.
  2. Figure out how to speak out-of-character immediately on a server.
    1. Tip: “//” is a common way of speaking OOC. “// this is OOC talk”
  3. If you don’t know the lore, no fret. 
    1. Talk to the game masters to see if there is a way to fit you in.
    2. Make a character who comes from the outside world.
    3. Simply do research before you start if you can.
  4. Be adaptable.
    1. Be able to do all forms of text based (paragraph to short).
    2. Learn from your surroundings and imitate style.
  5. If you rp one-on-one, search for someone to rp with that is at the same level as you. New to rp? Find another new rper. Grow together. More advanced rpers may get frustrated if you don’t understand how to rp and you may get frustrated with their level of expectations. 
    1. Get advice from more advanced rpers, but don’t feel bad for sitting at the “kids table.” You will learn more if you are all having fun! 
  6. If you rp on a server, don’t rp with just one person. Seek out other people to learn from. 
  7. On a server, never just log out in the middle of rp. Always close the rp before you leave if possible.
  8. Don’t be distracted (if you can) while roleplaying. If you’re distracted, other roleplayers will become distracted too and no roleplay will happen.
  9. There is no “best way” to rp. Everyone has their own way of rping, and every style adds something to the environment.
  10. RP to have fun. RP is not a competition. 

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