40+ Personal Character Questions

Characters can be so much fun to learn about, and you can also learn a lot about a person through their characters. So, today, I want to learn about one (or a few, if you really want) of your own creation. This could be your favorite character you write/play, or it could be one you just made! If you are brand new to roleplaying/writing and don’t have a character, that’s totally fine! Instead, make one up on the spot, or you can choose a character from your favorite book/movie/tv show/game, etc., and answer the way YOU think that they would. This can absolutely work with evil or villainous characters as well.

In my experience, answering ridiculous, random questions about your character can actually help you get into their minds better. For my main character, Cray, I have done this so many times, and I could easily tell you that he takes his coffee black with two sugars, and he eats the leaves of strawberries (I judge him hardcore for that). In roleplaying and writing, knowing super tiny facts like that can add a richness and relatability to your characters. The more “human (or what have you)” qualities they have, the more the reader will feel as if they are real people.

Without further ado, let’s spill some of your character’s secrets. I will do this for one of my characters as well to get the ball rolling, and that will be in the comment section.

Notes: If you comment with your answers, please keep it relatively innocent. Also, if your character is from another planet/world/universe (like mine), make the answer be as Earth-related as you can or explain a little bit, just so everyone can follow along.

For those of you who comment with your answers, these questions are really basic, just so we can all get the grasp of who these people/creatures are.

  1. Name?
  2. Give a basic description (age, general appearance, etc., that is important to their character).
  3. Something that stands out about them?

Personal Questions:

  1. What is their favorite song?
  2. How well do they sing? Do they sing in the shower?
  3. What exotic animal would/do they keep as a pet?
  4. What is their opinion on children (in general, not if they want children)?
  5. What is their SECOND favorite food?
  6. What is one thing they don’t like about themselves?
  7. What is a topic they are passionate about? What topic could they never learn enough about?
  8. Who is the most annoying person they know (not enemies)?
  9. What is their favorite alcoholic drink (if they drink)?
  10. What are their three favorite smells?
  11. What is their phobia?
  12. What was their favorite toy/stuffed animal as a kid? What was it, what was its name, how attached were they to it, where is it now?
  13. What is their favorite possession now?
  14. How do they take their coffee or tea (if they drink either)?
  15. What is an odd eating habit they have (like eating strawberry leaves :P)?
  16. Do they take any medication? If so, what for?
  17. Do they know how to fight? How well? What classes have they taken?
  18. Do they do any form of art? If not, would they want to learn? What kind?
  19. What is a word or phrase they will NEVER say?
  20. Are they a cuddler?
  21. What natural talent do they have?
  22. What innocent thing can they be bribed with (i.e. their hair being played with, chocolate cake, a hug)?
  23. If they had to pick between going blind or deaf, which would they pick and why?
  24. What is in/on their bedside table?
  25. Are they comfortable being naked?
  26. Do they believe in spirits (ghosts, demons, angels)? Describe an encounter, if they’ve ever had one.
  27. What are their allergies?
  28. Do they journal? What about?
  29. Would they be able to survive alone in the middle of a forest?
  30. What peeves them?
  31. What is their opinion on polyamory?
  32. What small thing brings them joy (being outside, drawing, etc)?
  33. What innocent thing do they do when no one is watching?
  34. What is their favorite flower or plant? Do they own any?
  35. What is their morning routine?
  36. What is something they HAVE to do every day?
  37. Where do they find the most inspiration?
  38. What habits do they have that they wish they could stop?
  39. What kind of person do they want to be?
  40. If they could jump into a pool of something, what would it be?

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