Character Design Method #3/? – Art

When I’m not writing or roleplaying, chances are, I’m doing something artistic. I love photo editing and manipulation, and I do spend a lot of time practicing to get better. If you’re someone who loves to draw, this may be a great option for you when making characters to write or roleplay. For me, I don’t usually feel the most comfortable with creating paintings from scratch, so I do tend to find a portrait I like and edit the crap out of it to make it something new. I don’t use this method as much as I use the previous two, but I know it helps a lot of other writers and roleplayers. For me, it’s really just for the fun of it, but it can help a lot with the design process.

Here is the wonderful Ross Draws tutorial!

And a few other links:

Using Pinterest to create characters

Using Music to create characters

Proko’s Anatomy Playlist

My Facebook page and our facebook roleplaying group

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